The party box is good for 4 pax and comes with all the ingredients packed separately so that you can have fun in DIY-ing your burger based on your preferences. There are sesame brioche buns, an assorted 11 garnishes’ platter, house savoury jam, cheddar cheese slices, choice of patties and French fries in the box. You can choose between patties with beef, pork, fish, chicken or vegetarian, and add-on other toppings such as fried egg, balasamic sauteed onions or sauteed mushrooms. What is a party without drinks and you can complete the meal with a selection of drinks that you can add-on to the burgers such as milkshakes, carbonated soft drinks or coffees.

All of us had fun constructing our own customized burgers and for mine, I made it with the Natural Beef Senior patty that is juicy, despite it being a delivered item, had a nice beefy taste and nicely seasoned. The brioche bun, the one item that binds all the garnishes and patty together, is wonderfully soft and fluffy, a nice contrast with all the other textures that you add into your burger.
✨ SIMPLEburger Inc.
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