Went past Venchi at MBS today after dinner and we thought it would be great to grab a dessert! As Venchi's regular gelato was on Burpple, we got a one-for-one regular gelato, with each gelato containing two scoops of ice cream! :) For this cup, we got the cappuccino and matcha white chocolate flavours!

The cappuccino had a pretty intense coffee flavour and it was really legit. By contrast, the matcha white chocolate flavour tasted more like a scoop of white chocolate ice cream, as the matcha flavour was close to non-existent. Certainly not what we were expecting and we felt the cappuccino flavour was much better!

It was a little disappointing that most of the flavours were sold out by the time we visited Venchi (around 8 pm), so there were not many flavours left to choose from. Do visit earlier if you have to have more choice for your dessert!