I was first introduced to Dona Manis' amazing chocolate tarts by D during our national service days and have been a big fan since.

Dona Manis is an old-school bakery run by an old uncle and several aunties. They used to do the chocolate tarts on a daily basis but stopped doing so due to a combination of age and lack of manpower. In fact, I probably only get to savour their chocolate tarts on 1 out of 5 visits as there are no fixed days as to when they are baking them.

Their chocolate tarts can be a little fragile so my suggestion is to eat them immediately or the chocolate gets molten and messy, and the tart gets crumbly. I kept mine in the fridge overnight which kinda explains how they end up being #uglydelicious with the little cracks on the chocolate filling.

When eaten fresh, the chocolate is slightly molten. I like that it strikes a nice balance between sweet and buttery, and is not too rich and creamy. The tart is buttery and savoury. I recommend popping the entire tart into your mouth at one go so as not to waste any of the delicious chocolate gold.

Tbh I will gladly have these chocolate tarts over any of those fancy chocolatiers in town any time, any day.

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