@haolaiwusg has about SIXTY (yes, six zero) options on their impressive buffet spread, which is a nightmare for indecisive folks. Fortunately, Hao Lai Wu has very kindly compiled a selection of their greatest meat marvels into a convenient & well presented BBQ Meat Platter.⠀

The BBQ Meat Platter features their Signature HLW Pork Chop, Signature Chicken Chop, Black Pepper Beef, Special Marinated Pork Belly & Signature Chicken Wings. The Signature HLW Pork Chop was flavourful & tender for a lean cut of meat, and it had been marinated in a mixture of soya sauce, cumin & black pepper for a salty, peppery & herby kick. The Signature HLW Chicken Chop, on the other hand, was marinated very simply with what appears to be soy sauce & sesame oil, and the juicy chicken was the mildest flavoured of the lot. The Black Pepper Beef was intensely peppery, ideal for the pepper heads out there, and the Signature Chicken wings were spicy, savoury and slightly sweet. ⠀

My favourite definitely has to be the Special Marinated Pork Belly, which really lives up to the ‘Special’ in its name. It appears to be marinated in a chili paste of some kind, but the spice levels are surprisingly well moderated. You do get some spice, but it’s well balanced out by a deep delectable umami and a little bit of numbing on the tongue. All the fat rendered from this fatty pork belly imbues this Special Marinated Pork Belly with a pungent, primal smokiness that satisfies the primal part of the brain demanding the smell of searing meat on a grill.⠀

Once again, thank you to @theprsalon & @haolaiwusg for the invite!

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