This Imperial Ginger Chicken set ($8.90) arrived steaming hot in a bamboo basket. Blanketed under a thick layer of finely mashed ginger, the large chicken leg is juicy and steamed to perfection 👌 Absolutely loved how the meat is fall-off-the-bone soft, and it goes well with the rice which is fragrant and holds a lot of flavour in each grain. The tangy chilli added a fiery kick to the meat and it was depleted within seconds 😂
The eatery is very spacious and comfortable. It is definitely a good place to chill with a decent cup of aromatic cuppa ☕

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 8 ants
💰Value: 9 ants (using @Burpple Beyond)
📍Convenience: 8.5 ants