On the foreground we have Humming bird ($7.90), middle Mississippi Smore cake (8.50) and background Baileys Irish cream cheesecake ($12.50).

Other 3 friends and I agree, this place is over rated and over priced.

The cheesecake is the nicest among the ordered cakes but we really very disappointed with the subtle hint of bailey Irish cream. One can easily mistook it for a normal cheesecake. Very expensive at that price point.

Smore cake tasted dry, cheap and one dimensional kind of sweet. We were expecting a moist chocolate cake. :(

Hummingbird was made up of pineapple bits. It’s a pretty refreshing choice of cake but I found it too sweet for my liking.

We left without finishing the cakes.

Aesthetics of the cakes and cafe looks good but I guess that’s where the positive experience I had ended.