We couldn’t resist trying this dessert, having seen many pictures of it online as well as the two thumbs up sign accompanying this entry on the restaurant’s menu. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed - the handmade mochi was super soft and chewy, giving it a very pleasurable mouthfeel. It was so silky that it required some skill and care to pick up, since it would slip right off most utensils.

The mochi came in three flavours: goma, kinako, and matcha, all of which were authentic and fragrant in taste. There was kuromitsu sauce on the side as well if you would like to drizzle some sweetness on top.

Overall thoughts - slightly towards the pricey side but you’re paying for good quality Japanese dessert with a stellar presentation, in a decent casual restaurant setting. Convenient location as well. Happy to have tried it once, but I think the next time I’m here, I would like to give their other desserts a try as well.

I would definitely come back again - Misato’s concept of delivering great quality Japanese food at affordable prices is right up my alley!

It would be wise to come a little earlier or on non-peak periods to avoid having to queue.

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