A very popular grilled fish restaurant in town, we finally made our way over to try their dishes and I can see why there is always a long line for their grilled fish!

We had the Akauo Hiraki ($20.50), which came in a generous portion. The fish was quite sizable and was really fresh. Very meaty and flaky, each bite was really rich and savoury. However, I must say, they may have seasoned the fish abit too much, as it got too salty towards the end. Really need to have loads of tea and rice with this!

The Mero Shioyaki ($21.90) was very interesting, as the meat of the fish was really soft yet surpringly sweet. Although a rather small piece of fish, it was full of flavour. If you have a sweeter palate, this is for you!

Will be back to try other variations of their grilled fish!