Hollywood duck rice used to be my go-to duck rice stall when i was a kid and when they were situated at Haig Road area (the coffeeshop used to be at where kinex mall now stands). And i used to call it the 7-up store, as they used to store their braised duck sauce in these 7-up bottles or smth as far as I rmbr.

Fast forward many years later, they are now at Sims Vista market and food centre! Have been eating it quite frequently in the last 3-10 years!

This visit was a revisit after a few months of not eating it, and the first time dining in! $4 for this plate of braised duck rice with more zhup plus.

As it was my first time dining in, it was also my first time trying the soup which turns out to be too herbal and strong duck tasting to me.

However, the braised duck taste during this visit seemed to be quite strong (and im not v fond of strong duck tasting meat)! Will be retrying the other braised duck stall that is also at sims vista market for my next trip to do a comparison!

Hollywood Braised Duck Rice
Address: 49 Sims Place, Sims Vista Market and Food Centre, Singapore 380049

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