Have heard so much about myBurgerLab. And finally got to witness the craze!

Verdict? Well, first of all, very long queue! Better be prepared to wait for around 30-40mins if you wanna try their burgers (20mins on the line, 20mins waiting). Food choices and the whole menu is creatively done. I ordered Beautiful Mess (mehehe Jason Mraz. Nope kidding) at RM19.50 as I was quite interested on how the sunny side up could actually pair up with the burger. It had a beef patty, Portobello mushroom, honey mustard, cheese, and yup, the egg. I am not too much of a burger girl, but I liked it. It was too big though, I thought it wouldn't fit my mouth haha. Egg was too runny - on some parts it made the taste balanced, but for some, I think it oversoaked my burger haha - which I found weird. It was actually my first time having a charcoal bread - texture is nice! Hehe, didn't notice the difference with normal buns.

The place is super crowded. Bring some patience pill in here haha. Friendly staff anyway :)

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