I had lunch with a friend here and was so impressed by their wagyu steak. I’m still thinking about how juicy and full of flavour it was from my first bite. I’m usually a tough critic on my steaks and hate when it tastes rubbery, but the steak I had here met my expectations and more — when seasoned with a little sea salt on the side, was SO savoury, smoked to perfection. I love a tender steak! Also, I liked that FBS was a 3min walk from botanics mrt, so it was very accessible. We had a series of dishes and on the whole was really satisfied with everything, the staff are nice and hospitable plus the food was served at just the right pace. For starters, we had the sourdough and it looks unassuming, but it was torched in front of our eyes, so the result of that was a crisp, perfectly buttered, just-enough portion to whet your appetite. This was served with the burrata, in little bite-sized pieces and was served with pesto, which was delicious. Cheesecake was homemade and of a firmer texture, balanced with yuzu (which I found quite zesty), and topped with tangy berries so that made for a rich, fuller flavour (but you’ll definitely want to share this dessert as it feels a bit much if just for 1 person). The star for me in all this was still the wagyu steak of course (I think this was the Denver for $68), which was so tender, as well as steak with fries ($32). The latter was still good but is firmer. Overall really enjoyed this cosy little steakhouse, nice for dates, both romantic or with good friends!