As a huge fan of financiers, I was really excited to try @leanbento's new Protein Financiers, which are halal-certified, fluffy, and low-calorie, but without highly-processed protein, artificial flavourings and additives.

These Protein Financiers were developed by their founder @yangyang.charles, who created this to make up for always missing his meals, his urge to snack, and desire to stay lean, while cutting back on processed foods and staying youthful.

It works very well as a lean pre/post workout snack, meal replacement, child-friendly snack, with just 179kcal per financier.

Flavours I tried included White Sesame, Black Sesame, Butter and Cinnamon. Cinnamon was my favourite, with it being the most flavourful, and overall all the financiers were pretty soft, not too dry, and great as a snack! There's also other flavours such as Chocolate and Matcha, which sounded pretty interesting too!

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