Croissants, eggtarts, flaky pastries right here
Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

Urbane globetrotter ($4.50)
Malted choc chip with earl grey fillings - Super chocolatey earl grey filling, and cookie slightly firm, but the cream melted really easily and became super watery when I got home. You can defo taste earl grey, and this is so rich it's the kind you will get sorethroat from it hahaha.

Curious merrymaker ($4.50)
Because of the dark choc flavour and cookie texture, it kind of reminds of a brownie, but cookie form. This was just okay for me, esp coz the cheesecake don't really add much to the cookie too?

Inquisitive wanderer ($4.50)
There's some floral matcha fragrance, and white choc flavour not bad too. This cookie was slightly chewier compared to the others, and just slightly drier than the rest.

🌟 Nutty professor ($4.50)
Prob my favourite!! Especially loved the pistachio ganache, which had a strong pistachio flavour and was creamy, with the ganache being surprisingly not dry even though it looked thick.

🌟 Charming Teaser ($5.90)
Hoijicha blondie, matcha cheesecake, biscoff crust. This was so soft to cut thru, and the layers stayed together well!!! Hoijicha was v strong, and surprisingly quite a good combi overall, when paired with the cheesecake flavours that didn't overwhelm.

Biscoff Cream was pretty light, and you can taste biscoff/ speculoos, altho dm it to be stronger heh. Tiramisu didn't really remind of its flavour!

Mochi Donuts from @marketblue_official @donas8_official:
Their donuts were generally really chewy but very dense, so depends on your preference!
Flavours: Strawberry Cream Cheese, Original Red Bean, Cinnamon Red Bean.

I'm generally ok with cinnamon, altho there's certain brands/ taste of cinnamon powder that I'm not particularly a fan of, and this is one of them 😆. But prob a personal preference thing

Tbh their myriad of pastries and bakes on display caught my eye when I walked in to @konditorisg, but only picked 2 to try since I was feeling pretty full from lunch that day.

Pistachio Danish ($8.20++)
This danish is cut into 2 halves, and generously filled with pistachio cream, which was actually evident, although as a Pistachio fanatic I would definitely love for this to be even richer and stronger, and just slightly less sweet. The Danish was slightly crisp on the outside, but did get a bit dry-ish to finish. NGL their bakes might seem to be at a slightly higher price, but they are all pretty huge in size.

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This was pretty sour, and I'm personally not a fan of the combination but those who love this flavour combi will prob like it!

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This was pretty interesting as well - a flavour I'd never have thought could go into donuts, and it was pretty spicy too!

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This flavour is so unique because I've never really seen savoury donuts around, and even less of mala as a flavour! It literally tastes like having mala, and with a good spice kick!

This was indeed lava-ey, with an extremely generous amount of chocolate flowing out of the donut when I tried to tear it apart! This is closer to a milk chocolate flavour, for those who love it!

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Another of my favourites, with the paste being pretty thick and not too sweet! Enjoyed the taro and is probably a close second to the Black Sesame one 🤭.

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