The regular $5 portion comes with sufficient noodles, & I didn't feel the need to add-on any more noods - which surprised me as I can have a hefty appetite. I might even recommend considering adding on ingredients to balance out the ratio.

The noodles are QQ & springy, & doesn't have the alkaline taste which some folks intensely dislike. Above average in terms of taste & texture. The "normal" chilli (amount & quantity) is spicy, & will probably make you sweat. I could feel it on first bite. The soup is nothing special, & the ingredients are 3 wantons of average-size, & a couple of slices of fatty & sweet charsiew.

So... Was it bad? No. Would I wait 25mins again for this? Hell no.

I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I guess you can try this if you have time to kill.

For context - Iโ€™m not really a wanton person to begin with... Feels like there is too little meat inside for me to love. But that's just my hot take.