Bear Bear likes Fruit Tea ($4.50) from U-Cha at [email protected] Cheese teas and fruit teas are massive trends in Singapore now.

At U-Cha, you can either choose your favourite concoction from the menu or customize your tea! Simply select a base (cheese, fruit, milk or just pure tea) then the type of tea.

You'll be spoilt for choice. They have interesting tea flavours such as Oriental Beauty Oolong, Rose Oolong, Sakura Oolong, Lychee Black Tea... And premium ones (+$0.30) like Ruby Black Tea, Dong Ding Oolong, Dragon Oolong and Phoenix Oolong! Wow I love the names - Dragon and Phoenix.

I tried Dragon Tea which gives off a sweet smell that resembles dried prune. 😄 The sugar level options are either 50% or 100%. The former is an obvious choice, given that the tea will be mixed with real fruits.

Overall, I quite like U-Cha for the tea variety but I wish there were topping choices and more sugar level options.