We heard about the highly-raved mojitos at Cuba Libre and we decided to we had to try at least one today! We decided to go with a safe choice - the Classic Mojito. Although the drink costs $28++, the serving size was huge and it was almost double the size of the mojitos served in other restaurants. It's definitely enough for sharing between two persons.

The mojito was really minty and the mint flavour gets pretty strong towards the bottom of the cup. There was a piece of sugarcane immersed in the drink as well, which gave it a slight sweetness. However, we felt that the mojito here did not really have much rum in it as we could not taste much alcohol; on the bright side, this would be a light and refreshing drink for many. Would be interested to try their other mojitos (e.g., lychee mojito) in future!

We were seated outside and unfortunately, we were right beside the loudspeaker which was blasting music throughout our meal. Hence, it was a little difficult to have a conversation over our food as Spanish songs were being blasted right beside our ears. We would probably try to get a seat that is further from the loudspeaker in future. :(