Back for another round at Senibong Bay Seafood, ready to dive into more dishes and give you the lowdown on the experience.🍽🌊

White Clam in Superior Stock (上汤沙白) (Seasonal Price) 🐚
Superior is right, folks! These clams are like sea treasures – big, juicy, and packed with a punch of awesomeness! But wait till you sip that broth – sweet, savoury, with a herbal whisper – it's an entire revitalising ocean in a bowl. Perfect pair for that rice party! 🍚

Sizzling Tofu in Hot Plate (铁板豆腐) (RM 15/22/28) 🍳
Classic alert! A plate of wobbly tofu with crisp skin, sun-tanning on a bed of omelette while applied with the lotion of savoury meaty sauce. A sizzle sensation!

Deep Fried Baby Squid with Honey Sauce (蜜汁苏东仔) (RM 35) 🦑🍯
Crispy, sweet, and sticky – these deep-fried baby squids are the ultimate munchies between bites. They're like the squad you want on your table for an irresistible snack attack!

Salted Egg Fried Squid (咸蛋苏东) (RM 35/52/70) 🦑
Prepare for squid perfection! Crispy batter, tender squid, and balanced salted egg goodness. This dish is the true definition of addicting – it's like catching flavour waves with every bite!

Black Pepper Venison (黑胡椒鹿肉) (RM 35) 🦌
Deer meat, juicy and chewy, meets a black pepper kick. A flavour punch that's bold and tastisfying. Your taste buds will be doing the tango with this dish!

Spring Onion and Ginger Grouper Fish Fillet (姜葱石斑鱼片) (RM 40) 🐟
Fragrant fish fillet, stir-fried with ginger and spring onion – a boneless delight for the lazy bone in us. It's like a fishy delight of aroma and taste!

Volcano Chicken pair with Vege Consomme Soup (火山鸡) (RM 98) 🔥
Fire show time! Volcano Chicken makes an flaming entrance with flames and all. While the flame-cooked chicken might not have stolen the show entirely and kinda gimmicky, the vege consomme soup is the real hero here. Savoury and comforting, it's like a hug for your taste buds from the dry meat with crisp skin.

Richman Fried Rice (招牌有钱人炒饭) (S) (RM 22) 🍚
The name says it all – this fried rice is rich and fancy! Fluffy rice, charred bits for that wok hei magic, and a hint of salted fish flavour. It's like a luxurious dance of textures and tastes on your tongue! Eat liao, high chance will Huat!
🚩Senibong Bay Seafood 浅水湾海番村, Lot120714, Kampung Senibong, Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia
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