I finally managed to try it their bagel after a long time even though their bagel's price tag really expensive but it's worth to try it out for first time tbh for taste and experience. I did asked what's their recommendation for bagel and best selling bagel is personal best and B.E.C. I saw a lot of people shared "PERSONAL BEST" on burpple and really high recommended flavour to try it out for first time.

I chose Sesame under choice of bagel as most of people picked out of six different flavour. I really enjoyed very filling bagel included a lot of ingredients such as spam, hashbrown and sunny side-up spread with peanut butter and spicy aioli. To enjoy fullest experience for bagel, it is required to eat combined ingredients together as a one instead of separating the ingredients. It's so interesting and weird feeling from savoury (peanut butter) to spicy (aioli) flavour mixed together inside the bagel. The taste flowed from savoury (beginning) to spicy (end) when I ate half bagel finish.

really sour but refreshing drink to complement with filling bagel.

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