Honestly for 34 and this portion, the walnuts and dried apricots were quite underwhelming.

Clockwise from top right(furthest):
Reblochon: quite soft, rather strong sharpness when u just put it in your mouth but easy to eat afterwards. Slightly salty too
Tomme de Savoie: mild, creamy texture, quite soft, doesn't taste like much
Saint nectaire: it really does have a mild nectarine sweetness and aroma, otherwise like brie without the savoury edge
sainte-maure de touraine: this is damn goaty. Can't taste anything. Smells like goat's piss. Better not to order unless u really experienced w goat cheese
Saint Félicien: as you can tell it's molten even at room temperature. It's as soft and buttery as it looks, extremely salty tho

Overall good to have tried once, order if you are curious about these french cheeses that are not available for retail anywhere else. Unless you're very experienced it's probably not something you're gonna enjoy. If you're new to these and just gonna order the safe options like brie or sth then you're wasting your money, you can get much more for much cheaper if you buy at cheese shop or fairprice finest

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