I’ve enjoyed @meatsmith.sg cheeseburgers that were formed from ground brisket many times before, but I’ve never had an honest-to-God brisket burger that was just cut up brisket. Well, at @beervillage.co a couple of weeks ago, I finally got to experience heaven sandwiched between two stunningly soft housemade potato buns. According to the Beer Village token to dollar conversion rate, this Brisket Sandwich is approximately twenty five dollars. Pricey, yes, but it’s a behemoth brisket burger.⠀

I’ve heard that Meatsmith’s meats can be hit or miss, but this brisket burger was just like that one verse from a Drake track. Just hits, no misses. Terrifically tender, joyously juicy, scintillatingly savoury & smoky, this fatty cut of brisket was a thrill for the tastebuds. The brisket required scant amounts of effort to chew, and the fatty & juicy beef went down with minimal fuss. The brisket was already sufficiently breathtaking, but in concert with tangy BBQ sauce & creamy aioli, as well as the crisp red onions & pickles an acidic rebalancing, this Brisket Sandwich was a sapid superstar.⠀

I didn’t even know that Meatsmith did donuts, but now I do, and damn I want some more. I was sorely tempted to get the Nutella donut for $7.50, but I settled on the strawberry jam stuffed one instead, and it was a truly inspired choice. The sharp, sour and slightly sweet strawberry jam cut right through all the richness of the brisket, and the bitterness of all the beer I’d had and revitalised my sense of taste. The dough was also quite incredible, with a fine balance between doughy, carb-y satisfaction and airy lightness that doesn’t surfeit. Sure it’s expensive for a donut, but you’d have to be a donut if you didn’t try it at least twice.⠀

Thanks for getting me on the VIP list, bossman @kevin._.ngan, and thanks for the jio @wobblethebui!