King’s Laksa hotpot buffet is decently affordable $26.80++, and while the quality of the free flow meats aren’t the best, they’re serviceable. But, their deep fried prawn paste chicken is perfectly piquant, and that’s free flow too (I think). Bear in mind that the stock bases are charged separately from the price of admission, so the actual cost is closer to $35 per head.⠀

The laksa soup base is $3.90, while the simple sounding chicken bone soup is a much cheaper option at $1.60. However, my dad & I ended up being far more impressed with the stellar sapidity of the chicken bone soup, while the laksa broth fell flat due to it being a bit diluted. While it wasn’t as creamy and satisfying as it could’ve been, it still packed a spicy wallop.⠀

King’s has a little more tweaking & improving to do before they can rightfully claim to be hotpot nobility, but they’re definitely on the right road to redolent regency.