Chilly weather warranted warm comforting meals and that's how we found ourselves at Ah Chiang's Porridge, a street corner establishment in the cosy Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. Slightly surreal to see Teslas and Porsches and whatnot parked by a porridge store but they made for good scenery.

Had the Mixed Pork Porridge ($4.50), Century Egg Sliced Pork Porridge ($5.50), Sambal Kangkong ($10), and a Soybean drink - total came up to $25.20. The porridge was oh so smooth and comfortingly delicious. Liver was the standout here, perfectly cooked with a soft and almost bouncy texture. Kangkong might seem pricey but portion was huge, enough for at least 3. Will return to eat more of the liver!

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