No matter how hot it gets in Singapore, I always love me a good barbecue & hotpot buffet. Of course, good BBQ & hotpot buffets don’t come cheap, but at @haolaiwusg, they’ve struck an ideal balance between affordability & quality. Their BBQ & Hotpot buffet starts at $27.80++ from Mondays to Thursdays, and goes up to $29.80++ on weekends & public holidays.⠀

Although you do need to top up anywhere from between eight to fourteen dollars for either a single soup pot or a split soup pot, paying less than fifty dollars for ninety minutes of stuffing yourself silly is still quite a bargain. Besides, their Collagen Beauty Soup & Authentic Spicy Mala Soup ($7 each in a split pot) were incredibly delicious and I had no qualms paying for the sapid soups. The Collagen Beauty Soup was rich, thick and luscious from all the pork bone & chicken skin boiled into the broth, and had hearty herbal flavours as well. The Authentic Mala is everything a hothead could ever want: it’s spicy, numbing and savoury, ready to breathe fiery life into everything that is cooked in it.⠀

Speaking of things we could cook, oh boy! You are utterly spoiled for choice here at Hao Lai Wu. Choose from my personal favourites of spicy pork ribs, special marinated pork belly and yakiniku beef cubes to baby octopus, flower crab, bamboo clams, a whole load of veggies and the universal hotpot must-have: cheese tofu. If you’re in an adventurous mood, you can even get assorted innards such as pig’s liver & intestines, and beef tripe to channel your inner masterchef. They also have ready to eat braised meats as well, such as braised chicken feet, braised pig’s intestines & even braised pig’s trotter if you can’t wait for your grill & hotpot to get going.⠀

Here at Hao Lai Wu, you roll in hungry, and you roll out absolutely stuffed with your wallet still intact. I think I’ve just stumbled upon a hidden gem, my friends.⠀

Thank you for the invite and hopefully the first of many collabs @theprsalon, and 多谢多谢 to @haolaiwusg for the insanely generous hospitality!

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