5 Senses Bistro was located away from most of the other restaurants within the mall, and with the current safe management measures in place, they might have lost a fair bit of business to the other dining establishments.

However, the pricing of their food was quite acceptable, and they served some decent western food. I ordered the Confit French Duck Leg (S$17.90) that came with a nice sauce, some mashed potato and a side salad. I was pleased with the way the bones were pulled out so effortlessly and the skin was indeed crispy. Yes, even if the duck leg was cooked in oil, the meat was tender and not too greasy, plus it was well-complemented with the smooth mash and the greens with two wedges of mandarin oranges.

Even though the skin was very very slightly overcooked (with a subtle char), I appreciated the fact that the skin was in a nice and complete piece, almost appearing like a duck fat tuile atop the leg. Happy meal, it is.