The Ramadan pasar malam at Geylang Serai has gotten pretty bougie this year, and nothing says bougie like a lobster roll. Yes, you can order a lobster roll in a night market now, you’re not hallucinating. @houseoflobstersg have five varieties of lobster rolls for you to select, from the standard one to an exotic sounding Samyang lobster roll. I went for the Flaming Lobster Roll, priced at eighteen bucks flat.⠀

Contrary to expectations, the Flaming Lobster Roll was completely bereft of spice, and instead features lobster chunks blanketed in torched, melted mozzarella cheese. The lobster bits are tossed & seasoned in a savoury mayonnaise mix, flavouring the slightly sweet & briny crustacean with salt & smooth creaminess. The lobster appeared to be suitably fresh, with a decently firm texture.⠀

As you might’ve already anticipated, there isn’t all that much lobster considering that this roll is eighteen bucks. There’s a bit more lobster tucked into the middle of beautifully browned & more than amply buttered roll, believe me, and the amount of lobster per serving is best summed up as adequate. Then again, a lobster roll will set you back by at least thirty dollars elsewhere, so having a decent one for eighteen is already a bargain all thing considered. ⠀

Come to think of it, I might go for the Samyang the next time, or possibly even the Napoletana. Honestly, it’s quite a feat to get a decent lobster roll at a bazaar for under twenty dollar, so compliments to House of Lobster are definitely in order.