If a fragrant slice of pandan cake were to take the form of ice cream, I think it would look and taste exactly like Dopa Dopa’s Coconut Pandan with Gula Melaka ($5, Single). Creamy, and oh so aromatic, the classic local-inspired treat hit all the right notes for me as the fragrance seems to linger in the mouth. It wasn’t too sweet or cloying. Though the caramel-like taste of the gula Melaka took more of a back seat here, the coconut milk base was infused perfectly and thoroughly with the natural flavours of the pandan leaf.

A little milder in flavour, the premium Matcha Cheesecake (Double $9, Premium +$1) was likewise none too sweet. Studded with their house-made cheesecake and cookie crumble, the matcha gelato base had a great earthy quality, a tad milky but not overly so. The bittersweetness of the tea was also distinct yet not decadent; helping to balance the richness of the chunky cake. Perfect for those that enjoy some varying textures in their gelato, the Matcha Cheesecake was quite delightful!

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