Helmed by NEW Executive Chinese Chef Daniel Cheung who has more than 37 years of top-level Cantonese cooking, Shang Palace has a refresh menu which includes many of his star dishes in Hong Kong as well as the restaurant renowned Nostalgic dishes, Cantonese classics, and guests’ s favourite.

▪️Chilled Fresh Abalone Marinated with Japanese Sake (Chilled Fresh abalone marinated with Japanese sake for at least 6 hours)
▪️Chilled Tomato with Plum Jelly (Chilled tomato wrapped with a thin layer of plum jelly)

▪️Barbecued Pork Pastry (Flaky puff pastry stuffed with char siew pork, a classic Cantonese dim sum)
▪️Scallop Siew Mai (Siew Mai is topped with Australian Scallop)

Location: Shangri-La Singapore, Lobby Level, Tower Wing, Shangri-La Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350