Levelling up my CNY hotpot game at Coucou last week!

A great place to impress your friends and family, their Suntec City outlet spots a luxurious yet intimate vibe with the sleek and classy furnishing. Though not the cheapest one around, this Taiwanese-style hotpot restaurant had an intriguing range of broth choices. Hence, my friends and I got the Bovine Bone with Tomato Soup Base ($28.90/ twin) which we were more familiar with, and the recommended Coconut-Chicken Soup Base ($28.90/ twin).

A tangy-sweet number, the Bovine Bone with Tomato Soup Base was a classic done right as the flavour was very well-balanced. It didn’t taste artificial at all, not thirst-inducing, and very drinkable as it wasn’t thick. The Coconut-Chicken Soup Base, on the other hand, had a sweeter profile though milder in taste. It felt like sweetened coconut water flavoured with some aromatics (a little Thai-inspired in my opinion). A little odd at first but it grew on me and I love that the base came with chunks of crunchy chestnuts, chicken, red dates, corn, and silky coconut flesh. For the ingredients, we enjoyed the Berkshire Pork Collar Sliced ($26.80) which had a good ratio of fats. The Mashed Prawn Paste ($16.80) tasted fresh and cooked well as well.

Service-wise was pretty good too, there was free-flow of rice, side dishes, fruits, and each table got a pot of hot tea.

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