1 for 1 burpple beyond $4.90 for two small bingsus: mango madness and halo halo.

So happy to finally find an affordable bingsu place as I never understood how it is possible to charge more than $15 for a bowl of shaved ice. This shop is located within a coffee shop at the HDB void deck and we missed it totally and had to walk backwards before we found it (also a bit blind on our part cuz it's actually just next to the drink stall and is actually quite prominent).

Mango madness is of course mango flavour and tastes good. Halo halo is supposed to be milk flavour but we didn't taste much of it in the shaved ice. However it's topped with coco crunch and bite size biscuits and some chocolate drizzle which makes the whole thing tastes good too.

Definitely will be back to try other flavours, even without the 1 for 1.