Homemade tofu is a dish you can find in some but not most tzichar eateries because it is time-consuming and labour intensive to produce them and they are often produced in limited quantities to ensure that they are fresh.

I don't usually mind the slight premium charged (as with all things homemade/handmade) because fresh tofu has a soft silky texture and yet holds its jiggly shape well. It also has a cleaner taste.

Wok Master serves theirs deep fried and topped with mayonnaise and chicken floss, beautifully arranged like petals around a flower. The crust layer is crisp and the tofu interior soft. The combination of mayonnaise and floss cannot go wrong.

I did however feel that the homemade tofu could have been used in a much better way. I mean this is a dish that anyone could easier replicate at home with store bought ingredients without much difficulty and it would taste rather similar... It would have been better off letting the homemade tofu shine by braising it or with a simple sauce.