have been wanting to try this place for a while now & finally went down to try today. was initially put off as it was a bar-type of place so i didn't know if it would really be good.

however!!!! i was so pleasantly surprised. first the staff were so attentive & helpful! and the star of the night for real. this bowl was $29.90 & each type of sashimi had FIVE SLICES (as opposed to 3-4 from most places). the sashimi was tasty although defo not like omakase/jap restaurants type of level but rly rly enjoyable! they had tuna, salmon, swordfish, scallop, octopus and tamago. my only feedback is that the wasabi could have been less artificial.

there was no ++ and after 1 for 1, we only paid $29.90 for TWO big bowls! 🙌🏻

ps: there's happy hour promos every single day w some days being soju night & housepour spirits night (1 for 1 too). had a look at their christmas cocktail menu which looked q yummy too! would defo be back to try their drinks on a non-weeknight 😉

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