Taking over from where the Filipino lechon stall left off in the same coffeeshop as Ponggol Nasi Lemak along Upper Serangoon Road, Rocky Fish is a brand spanking new Thai stall with a tiny menu that's focused on fish, chicken and pork.

Their BBQ Meat Platter ($12), touted on the menu as a trio of tender barbecued pork, chicken and pork rib served with tamarind sauce on the side, certainly lives up to its boasting. The slices of chicken and pork on the board are juicy, tender and chock full of smoky, savory meaty goodness. But what really steals the show is that lone solitary pork rib right at the back. It's the juiciest and most tender of the trio, as the inherent fattiness of the rib keeps the meat moist and juicy during the barbecue. As the meat is cooked on the bone, the flavor is even heavier and the amount of flavor present in every bite is simply stellar. All the meat is then topped with crushed nuts for an extra crunch and an extra element of nuttiness to complement the savory meatiness. The mildly spicy and tantalizingly tangy tamarind sauce gives every piece of meat an extra edge and it just lifts and enhances the already fabulous flavor profile.

When I return for seconds, I'm going to demand an entire rack of that mouthwatering pork rib. There's no need to place bets, I can guarantee that I can't stop at one.