1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Mont Blanc has always been 1 of my favorite cakes and so I always look forward to trying this particular cake at different places. I was excited to read about the Mont Blanc at Mocchi. While the sponge cake and chestnut cream was the combination that I was looking for, the inner cassis compote was what came across weird to
me as the whole cake became berry-like and overpowered the original chestnut flavour. Then again, if you are looking for a twist to Mont Blanc, you might like this.

We also had the other recommended cake here, the crepe matcha. Their take and creation of Mille crepe in this dome-shaped dessert. Wrapped within the Mille crepe exterior was mascarpone cream filling and a matcha sphere with matcha custard sitting on top which oozes upon cutting. While the overall texture was quite smooth and creamy, the tea flavour was quite mild and the creaminess could get jelak.

Cakes here come across as slightly pricey if not for burpple beyond. Thank you Burpple Beyond for the half price as we got to enjoy both cakes!