Someone said this is the best dessert she's had in her life. While that isn't the case for me, I have to say this ranks right up there

Most of the components were unique. From the peanut brittle, to the peanut ice cream(I believe there's some secret ingredient, I tasted ginger but the service said I was wrong), and the godly charcoal mochi. The mochi is not super chewy, forms crumb like structures and is loosely packed with a soft texture. The charcoal shell also has a distinct taste, on top of being uniquely crunchy.

There's also pomegranate and rice crackers, as well as a touch of savouriness from the sea weed which was brilliant.

Only gripe is that the ice cream melts somewhat quickly(partially due to the hot mochi), otherwise this was a genius masterpiece of flavours, subtlety and temperatures

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