For those who prefer heavier flavours, you would probably prefer Jiak Mee's dry version. The strong aroma of the sesame oil and fried shallots is probably the first thing you would notice. The sauce is well balanced and I will highly recommend that you mix the noodles and sauce with the molten egg yolk for an extra creamy touch.

It's hard to find meals that cost $5 or less these days. Jiak Mee is great for those who are seeking good food at a budget and it's heartening to see crowds of diners supporting these young hawker-preneurs.

The only problem is that they do face strong competition at the other end of the cafeteria. For $1 more, the competition provides larger portions and a stronger flavoured bowl of noodles. I do however hope that they keep going as there is always room for a solid and 'cleaner' bowl of noodles!

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