Yuan Lang Soy sauce chicken master

Continuing my series on the hidden treasures in Chinatown complex food centre .....

While others are happily queuing for the Michelin Star Soy sauce chicken , my joy comes from finding the true hidden gem .

Intrigued with the signboard - “ Soy sauce chicken master “ - they better be good to live up to that name .

I was about get the Soy sauce chicken noodles but saw the uncle before me with what I thought looked like a delicious plate of Hk style wanton noodles .

And boy did I squeal with delight upon my first taste of the noodles. The wanton noodles tasted as good as they looked . Served with 4 very plum wantons filled with fresh and juicy prawns and a perfect Hk style noodle that is cooked to perfection , has the right bite without the alkaline taste and smell and a delectable kai lan ( instead of the usual cai Xin ) - this was like heaven on earth for me .

This , in my opinion was so many times better that what you would get in the Hk chain of restaurants in Singapore ( you know where... the jade .. and the treasures 😝).

The chilli was the next thing that elevated this whole dish - fiery spicy ; it went brilliantly well with the noodles that were lightly seasoned

. A very clean tasting plate of Hk style wanton noodles as compared to the ones that are drenched in msg - laden sauce .

Exactly the way I would like my wanton noodles .

A challenge to find this stall as they are hidden at the back ( just next to the infamous duo ji chee cheong fun which has been there from the beginning of times ). Kudos to you if you manage to find it 👧🏻

This is undoubtedly one of the hidden treasures in Chinatown complex food centre .
And did I mention this plate of heaven was only 3.50 ?

Do give this a try and see if you concur with me :)
Will be back to try their soy sauce kampong chicken which looks so succulent and delicious 🤤