It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which calls for the most wonderful meat at @cavemen_sg. This is a USDA Grade ribeye that’s been dry aged for sixty days. Not gonna lie kids, this is my first time having dry aged steak after watching @sveverything dry age almost everything in his videos. And boy it is the most memorable steak I’ve ever had, believe me fellas.⠀

Dry aging changes the texture of the steak noticeably. While it definitely stays tremendously tender, the ribeye got more rigid, giving more resistance & an increased satisfying chew. That only lasts for about two chews before it melts in your mouth from the marvellous fat marbling in the meat. As for the flavours, the heavy, meaty unctuousness of the beef increased exponentially, and each bite brought bountiful beefy bliss.⠀

The steak is already splendidly seasoned, so the chimichurri that I chose did make it a bit too salty as it was also liberally salted. Still, the herbal & slightly spicy qualities were appreciated amongst the onslaught of divine bovine, and I interspersed dollops of chimichurri between bites of steak for a little variety. Needless to say, I washed it down with a majestic merlot from New Zealand that I got from @cavemen_sg bottle shop.⠀

My dad picked out an 21 day dry aged in butter Aussie Wagyu Ribeye with a marbling score of 4-5, which is pretty average on paper. However, the Aussie steak was felicitously fatty, and it came damn close to melting on my tongue like a brilliantly beefy butter. The mushroom sauce ($2 extra) was really more mushroom cream. It was ultra creamy, with a generous amount of diced mushrooms, garlic & herbs flavouring the creamy concoction. This sauce is pure, unfettered hedonism, and by God it’s definitely going somewhere on the menu of my last meal.⠀

Cavemen certainly ain’t new, but I finally made time to head down & experience their eats. Sure, my 300 gram steak cost $63++, and my dad’s 280 gram steak cost $51++, but it was completely worth the splurge. Cavemen’s concept of you picking out your meat and paying them an extra $15++ to cook it puts them in direct competition with Culina, but they execute it expertly enough to stand out on their own.

Just like Arnie, I’ll back.