From Burgz by Project Warung; a new Muslim-owned stall opened by young hawkerpreneurs at Golden Mile Food Centre serving gourmet burgers and affordable prices — there's quite a range of chicken and beef burgers to choose from; this only costs $5, with fries! (psst; there is a Burg's Seoul Fried Chicken Burger at $4.50 too with fries as well)

Sitting in a basket, it looks deceptively small but it's actually pretty tall. Carrying condiments such as Sriracha Mayo and a oozy sunny side-up, it's really difficult to eat with hands without staining your hands with sauces and egg yolk. That being said, everything is pretty wonderful and value-for-money after getting past this point — the slab of fried chicken is reminiscent to a Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet; you know those flattened slabs of fried chicken with a crisp batter and seasoned with salt and pepper. The slaw in between gives it a refreshing crunch, while the condiments such as the egg yolk binds all the other elements together. Sriracha Mayo helps add that slight hint of spiciness while adding a little bit of creaminess to the burger — all in between the grilled house made bun that was pretty fluffy. In all honesty, it's $5 very well spent, with crisp and fluffy fries — definitely looking forward to trying the other burgers soon!