Hey there, whatcha got planned this weekend? Nothing, you say? Well you’re in luck, @vingeeksg Bottomless July is here till the last weekend of September! For $60++, you can drink as much as you like on Friday & Saturday evenings, but the only caveat is that you gotta stick with one wine all night.⠀

However, they do have all bases covered. Prosecco, red, rosé, and white wine are all available for you to choose. Feel a little ebullient on that night? Get yourself some of Tini’s Brut Prosecco. Delightfully bubbly, dangerously light and refreshing, and bursting with citrus aromas & flavours, this straightforward bubbly is adequate enough for celebrating the arrival of the weekend.⠀

Feeling a little more moody instead? Order Siete Soles 2016 vintage Sémillion Chardonnay. A heavy, silky smooth body from the Chardonnay balances out the high acidity from the sémillon in the blend, and the notes of green apples & orange peel mask subtle notes of tropical fruit that never quite reveals itself. Sémillon is a rarer varietal of wine, so it was nice to sip a well balanced blend that’s a decent showcase of sémillon.⠀

There’s no need to whine when you could be sipping on wine, and Vin Geek has a whole lotta wine for you.