With the country in the patriotic mood, restaurants, cafes and even fast food are dishing out iconic and signature local infused items.

As soon as the spiced chai latte was served, i could smell the aroma of the spice a distance away from the cup. There was a good balance between the spices, milk and espresso shot. So my expectations were high for the nasi lemak waffle.

When it arrived at my table, i could have smelt a whole plate of nasi lemak if i was blindfolded. And the turn off came when i cut into the sides of the cutlet and see pink parts and i was sure there were even more in the thickest part of the chicken and i was not wrong.
Highlighted that to the two staffs whom were chatting behind the bar and they apologised and offered to change a new plate. 15 mins later, a new plate was served and i could see holes on the chicken as the chefs wanted to be sure that it was fully cooked and i really appreciate that effort. The waffle was soaked in pandan flavor with ikan bilis topped. However, the waffle soften and was soggy after the chicken has been resting on it.
Proceed to bill and staffs treat it as the uncooked chicken did not occur. Texted Montana on IG and even messaged them at their number on FB but no response for 3 days. Was quite disappointed with their non-chalant service attitude.