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From the Burpple community

Superb food and service, with Jiangnan ambience setting.

花雕竹林鸡 (Rmb88, Sgd17.50) Farm chicken cooked in Hua-diao chinese wine. We are lucky as we manage to get the last serving of the day, despite another table is vying with us.

东家葱香芋头 (Rmb58, Sgd11.50); Claypot yam slices with spring onion, soft texture, almost like mashed yam.

煎酿藕饼 (Rmb58, Sgd11.50); Lotus roots with meat sandwiched in between. Crunchy and appetising.

江南盐水鸭 (Rmb38, Sgd7.50); Nanjing Salted Duck, a fantastic starter dish.

东家小炒(Rmb29, Sgd 6); Beancurd skin fried with minced pork. Perfect to go along with rice.

芝士莓干菜 (Rmb33, Sgd6.50); Cheese with preserved mustard greens. Interesting dish, but I personally don't like it.
📍Shao Dong Jia 邵东家, Shimao Plaza Level 4 located at People's Square.

Crispy fresh fish from Xihu, fried to perfection. Its not too oily and dry. Perfect dish to go along with rice or beer. Easily one of the best dish I had in Shanghai.
📍Shao Dong Jia 邵东家, Shimao Plaza Level 4 located at People's Square.

A dish that you have to wear gloves and an apron to prevent your top from getting stained. But it's also a dish that's so addictive and goes well with beer that you cannot stop eating.

Address: 十七号香吧岛小龙虾, 寿宁路17-19号
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Eh wait, this is Ei Mio. Huh!?

This is a complete rip off from llaollao, just that it's much cheaper and, the quality and variety of selection is just so bad. Shall just stick to the original.

Address: Ei Mio 东酸奶, 田子坊店
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Super sinful yet oh so good. There used to be an outlet opposite the office and I bet I gained a couple of kilos eating them back then.

Popping these now brings back all the memories as the warm egg tarts that came straight off the oven creates a nostalgic feel. We were all squealing in excitement when we saw it yesterday and made a dash for it.

To borrow a quote from , having this egg tart is like having the whole world between your palm.

Address: 莉莲蛋挞, 南京西路店
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Which side are you on? Forget about Blackball, both of these are just so much better and cheaper. To me, I am still leaning towards 鲜芋仙 as it has a far more 古早味 taste. Be it cold or hot, this is the perfect dessert for any weather.

Containing ingredients such as grass jelly, sweet potato balls, taro balls, red beans, konjac jelly and ice cream, how can one not like this?

Address: 芋贵人甜品店, 七浦路店
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