There is much heated debate over whether you should have pineapple over pizza. I'm not sure what's the origins of this debate but it was definitely no cause of concern for us #burpplers when the good folks from Picolino served us their Longanisa Hawaiian Pizza at the recent #eatup.

I did resort to Google to find out what is a Longanisa sausage but was none the wiser. It is a type of Spanish sausage but I don't understand how it is different from the chorizo or the English bangers. It appears though to usually refer to a cured sausage.

Besides the longanisa sausage, the pizza was topped with baby spinach, pineapple & apple chutney. You don't usually have baby spinach or apple chutney over pizza so the combination of these 4 ingredients made for an interesting but tasty combination of flavours. My only qualm though, as with the rest of their pizzas, was that the sausages were cut too thinly. Though there was a decent amount spread throughout the pizza, you could barely taste it through the cheese, pineapple and apply chutney. I will say that if you aren't a fan of Hawaiian pizzas, this may change your mind a little.