Bubble Tea Drinks from @37degrees.sg !

If you are around Clementi area and will like to try some unique bubble tea drinks, do check out 37 Degrees located inside Clementi Bus Interchange!

Featured here are the following drinks:

⭐️Harry Potter Butter Beer Chocolate ($4.10): Very unique harry potter drink! Chocolate with creamy cheese foam! Great for chocolate lovers!

⭐️Peach Green Tea Popping ($3.20): Get this if you love the popping bobas!

⭐️Beauty Strawberry Horlicks ($3.70): It is rare to find bbt shops that has a horlicks series! This drink was super unique too! It wasn't overly sweet! Remember to shake your drink well to taste the different layers together in a sip!

⭐️ Peach QQ ($2.80): Best drink to get if you like to have a bbt drink with lots of different chewy toppings! In this drink you get QQ pearls, coconut jellies and peachy bites!

⭐️Cucumber Coconut ($3.70): Very refreshing drink! The added cucumbers added a fresh healthy taste to it! Good as a thirst quenching drink!