The first entrée in the competently curated #burpplebeyond set menu at @tonito.singapore is this piquant pork quesadilla. It’s also available as an ala carte option at $18++, which is great because you’re definitely gonna want seconds & thirds of this astonishingly appetising dish.⠀

A healthy helping of chicharron is tucked in between two flour tortillas, along with a petite pile of pineapple salsa and a copious serving of cheddar cheese. As you would expected, the quesadilla is grilled until that cheddar achieves its well deserved #cheesepull status, and the tortillas sport a stunningly sexy sear.⠀

I initially assumed chicharron to be deep fried pork rind, but both that charmingly crunchy snack and deep fried pork belly are referred to as such. The chicharrones in this quesadilla are terrifically tender pork belly, seasoned and spiced to scintillating savouriness. The slender strips of pork belly offer the right resistance, just enough to elicit the satisfaction that can only be derived from biting into meat. Then, it yields in dramatic fashion, meekly surrendering to your gnashing teeth.⠀

That divine deep fried pork belly is covered in a deluge of cheddar, a smattering of loose lettuce leaves for a little crunch, and juxtaposed against the sweet & sour pineapple salsa for maximum palate pleasure. My god this pork quesadilla is truly breathtaking. So breathtaking I’m aching for another taking. ⠀

I truly appreciate the invite, @tonito.singapore & @burpple!