Best herkiao I’ve had, hands down!! The fish paste skin is hand-rolled, and is made up of fish meat and tapioca flour. It’s then filled with a well-seasoned meat filling, which was fragrant and not too salty. The skin has a nice bite to it, it’s thin but somehow bouncy. The herkiao was very tasty - the insides have slippery, kinda goopy part, which was such a textural delight. So good in terms of both texture and flavour.

The handmade fishballs, taupok, and fish roll were pretty decent, not the nicest I’ve had (shoutout to hup kee’s fishballs and taupok which r the best) but still better than average; handmade definitely trumps factory made ones.

The noodles were reasonably nice too - springy, not too hard, no alkaline taste. The sauce was alright, I asked for no chilli so they used tomato sauce. I added more vinegar after, as I prefer a punchier bowl of noodles.

Definitely will return!