With quality waffles and ice cream, @denzygelato is one place I will crave for. We had their waffles with 2 premium scoops of ice cream ($15 total) and we were all pretty satisfied! The waffle itself was light and crispy, with a lovely buttery taste. Absolutely loved their chocolate caramel sauce, as it enhanced the flavours of the waffle.

As for their gelato we had their Mango Yuzu and Chocolate Orange. The Mango Yuzu was so refreshing, as the citrus flavours were very strong but without being too overly sour. Definitely perfect for a hot day. Though there wasn't much orange flavour in the Chocolate Orange gelato, I really enjoyed the contrast in textures coming from the crisp chocolate chips and the smooth and milky gelato base.

With such a chill and cozy environment, we had such good conversations there! Definitely will be back!