Twin Special Gozen ($50) overall: 4.5/5

- Pork Loin Katsu (M Size) (4/5)

Like the set that we ordered above and in the end my parent didn't eat much, and I was the one who managed to eat finish (by right I cannot eat too much oily food but occasionally to breakthrough the diet).

- Fried Shrimp x2 (3.5/5)

Hmmm the breadcrumbs were quite too much, and the prawn was quite thin in size but was fresh and crunchy.

- Crab Cream Croquette x2 (4/5)

It's good and crispy to the exten, but the cream was quite smooth and thick but good thing that they made the size in mini.

- Cheese Tenderloin ×1 (4/5)

My parents really like this, and my dad especially liked to eat cheese with pork even though his stomach didn't like dairy products too much. I didn’t get to try this. :")

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