Easily one of my favourite ice cream & waffles parlour around, Creamier has maintained its consistency since day one with its classic yet creamy ice cream flavours & perfectly crisp waffles.

The Mango Passionfruit Sorbet is perfect for the sweltering Singapore weather-sour, tangy and icy cold, this combination will definitely perk you up! Pair it with their nutty creamy roasted pistachio which is so well-balanced with that hint of saltiness. Add them to a cube of freshly baked waffles for that additional crunch & you've got the perfect dessert!

The outlet at Gillman Barracks serves them on corn ware due to the high influx of customers, which allows them to turnover the space & cutleries quicker. So don't be surprised when you visit the next time round & wonder why you aren't served the usual ceramic white plates & metal cutlery.