This Korean fried chicken concept in Bugis Village strives to not only serve fried chicken and fries, but to also bring Korea's unique street food culture to Singapore. Look for the bright and cheery space splashed with yellow and red, guaranteed to instantly catch your eye. The Jinjja Wings ($7.90 for six pieces) come in two sauces — Soy Garlic or Yangnyeom, but the Jinjja Whole Chicken ($11.90 for half) might be a better option if you're coming with a group of friends. Get both sauces as you’ll most probably want as much as you can handle. Get the Seafood Jjampong ($9.50) to share, a spicy seafood soup that comes loaded with clams, squid, and chewy noodles, and make sure you leave some tummy space for the Patbingsu ($5.90) to cool off.