While it is priced at a whopping $56.90++, The Hideout’s Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak with a marbling score of 6-7 is actually worth the steep price of admission to Flavortown.

While they were overenthusiastic with the black pepper on their grilled veggies on the side, they got the seasoning bang on right for the steak itself. It’s pleasantly peppery and superbly savory, which is all a good steak really needs. As for the slab of wonderful wagyu itself, it pretty much melts in your mouth thanks to the magnificent marbling of fat going on in the steak. The red wine sauce on the side is rather redolent too. It’s rich, savory and very aromatic. It’s also slightly sweet, and it reminds me of molasses oddly enough.

The only problem with the steak was that it was cut too thin, and as such, the kitchen couldn’t thoroughly cook the cap of fat at the top of the steak without cooking the steak past medium rare. It would’ve been better if it was sliced shorter in length, but thicker so as to allow for more thorough cooking and searing without overcooking the steak.

Well, hindsight is always 20/20. With that being said, this is still a stellar steak, and you shouldn’t make a missed-steak by not trying this at least once.